Alfresco Share yn Gymraeg

Tracking string updates in HEAD is probably not the most productive way to manage a translation project, but I’m impatient.

Despite that, at this moment in time all the translatable text of Alfresco Share is now available in Welsh. Some things such as page titles don’t seem to be internationalisable yet, but I estimate some 90% of the content is fully translated.

A small patch to the Web Script Framework is needed to force the web app to use the locale-specific message bundles rather than the default ones but once that was done and I’d thrown the translated .properties files onto the classpath (they must be added into the web app itself, not anywhere else) it all started magically working.

Screenshots ahoy!

A new look

I’m like a kid with a new toy right now. The new blog rocks a lot, but consequently I’ve spent more time than is healthy tweaking it this evening.

So far I have a custom header image which I’m pretty happy with and the layout of the four columns is starting to work. Honestly, I don’t know how I ever coped with just two. The CSS could do with some work, but apparently it’s $15 to change that. It can wait for now.

Now I just need to start writing stuff again. We’ll see how that goes.

EA cause chaos in North London!

We all know the guys at Electronic Arts know a good WCM platform when they see one, but their latest trick over here has landed them some mixed PR – taking over a petrol station in Finsbury Park and giving away £20,000 of fuel to anyone who wants it!

According to the article on BBC News, the stunt is in order to promote their latest game Mercenaries 2, but the disruption has upset a few local residents.

Louise Marchant, from Electronic Arts, said the scenes of queuing mimicked aspects of the game.


Intel aquires OpenedHand

Well done to the OpenedHand guys on becoming part of Intel, and hopefully making a bit of money in the process :-). That’s one less open source company in London now unfortunately, but hopefully they’ll be able to continue the good work they’ve been doing around mobile Linux as part of the bigger organisation.