Mud, mud glorious mud

Glastonbury flew by. I have to go to work tomorrow but my mind is still stuck there in that rain-soaked field. I can’t describe what happened there in words – it was just magic.

Specific Things That Were Good included:

  • The rain – I’ve not seen that much water drop out of the sky in a very long time. It really started teeming down as The Who played last night, but I don’t think anybody really cared
  • The wonderful Dame Shirley Bassey – proving that she very much still has what it takes.
  • Making a flag! And making sure that Ricky from the Kaisers noticed it when he came down to meet-and-greet the crowd. That’s mine in the middle of the shot!
  • The food – we’re not talking gourmet by any stretch, but all things considered I’ve not eaten badly at all over the last five days.
  • Cider, beer, vodka and coke and G&Ts. Not that pear cider though – I’m staying away from that one in future.
  • The people. And their unrelenting determination to keep on going despite everything.

I am officially no longer a music festival virgin. Go me.

Apple-icious? I’d say not

On‘s new look-and-feel, discovered via Laurie.

First thoughts: it looks like someone’s just found the Colors > Invert menu item in Photoshop. Is black really back in again? I thought we’d seen the end of back of white-on-black text, banished along with circa-1998 websites and MS-DOS windows. Sure, it looks different from the old design, but not vastly so and I’d actually say it’s a step back in terms of the nice minimalistic look they previously had going on.

Their news ticker is neat, although it looks rather similar to our own.

Overall I give them seven out of ten – but only because it was so good before, they haven’t changed it that much and their small army of graphic designers seem to be able to make anything look good. Even if it is in black.