Five hours

Been up since 7. Mostly packed, will do rest tomorrow. Leaving Waterloo at noon tomorrow for Paris, requiring me to leave Northampton at 8. Another early start, yay.

Planet Afterlife died today when the work computer finally got turned off. Sorry everyone – perhaps someone else can host it until my return in October?

Off to bed now for five hours sleep. I haven’t felt this tired for a long time.

Five days to go

Apparently a lot of people round the office are slightly confused over how I’m still here. Their confusion may be justified, given that we had leaving drinks on Friday (Mmmm, £2 cocktails).

Very glad I went down to London this weekend, even if we didn’t make it to Big Gay Out until gone 5pm on the Saturday. Highlights included wandering around Westminster at three in the morning, double G&Ts and general good company.

The journey back to Leamington last night proved rather interesting however, when First Great Western held us outside the station for twenty minutes while we waited for some platform space to become free. This would have been fine, had it not been for the fact that the platform space was being taken up by our connecting train, which incidentally was the last northbound train from Oxford that evening. Thankfully they paid for taxis for us all to get to our destinations (the taxi driver was very nice, unlike the train company steward organising them, who I nearly ended up in an argument with), so at least I got home in the end, even if I did miss Big Brother.

Inter-railing starts on Sunday, woot!

Holiday photos

Slowly things are returning to normal as I get used to being back at work again after Gran Canaria. Not that it matters that much though, given I only have two weeks left before inter-railing in August.

View of Puerto Rico beach from the apartment

I haven’t really blogged much at all about the holiday at all, largely because I’ve been unable to put the whole experience into words very well. In summary it was a great week in the sun with all the normal holiday antics you might expect, but it’s taken a while to get used to normal life again.

I took a few photos, albeit not as many as some people managed. I’ve finally managed to put the half decent ones I took up on the web today, but they’re only on my work PC for now for bandwidth reasons. I’ll post them on when I get a chance, but don’t expect the full resolution versions on there.

Blogging from now until the end of the month is likely to be about as infrequent as it has over the last week – blame this on the fact that I don’t have net access at home at the moment and I’m gradually trying to ween myself off the Internet as access through August is likely to be somewhat sporadic at best.

Looking forward to: Big Gay Out next weekend

Back in the UK

We landed at Luton at 3am this morning, having just flew over London on our way back from Gran Canaria. By the time we got through the normal post-flight rigmarole it was about 3.45 (I’m not sure if they were checking our passports more thouroughly, given the circumstances) and WHSmith had all the early editions of today’s papers.

Between us, we picked up a good cross-section and began reading all about yesterday’s horrors, the details of which hadn’t been too clear from the limited satellite coverage we’d been able to see before we left at the other end. Only then did the true extent of what had happened really start to sink in.

I got back to Northampton at about 6am in the end, too tired to read any more of the gory details, too tired to comprehend it all. I slept for a bit, I woke up again early this afternoon and started reading yesterday’s blogs. I’m glad that everyone I know down in London seems to be OK.

I’ll probably go through it some more tomorrow, but for now that’s all I need to know. There’s only so much you can get through when you’re sat in front of a computer with a tiny screen, no mouse and a 56k internet connection.

Incidentally, the holiday was good.