New blog

This entry marks the start of a new era for me, as I finally abandon the half-written custom CMS that I’ve been using to manage my blog and my photo albums for the last three years. I really don’t feel it’s worth the time and effort maintaining the mass of code that’s there when there’s far better tools available that someone else has written.

I’ve been meaning to move over to Movable Type for my blog for a while, but only just got round to setting it up on MT. This is the first entry of the new blog that hasn’t been copied and pasted from the old system, and as such is a bit of a landmark entry for me.

As for the photos, I’ve been playing with gThumb on my computer for creating albums that I can upload straight onto the web. I put a few test albums up on my user area on our project server a little while ago and that proved *so* much easier than fiddling about uploading photos to the current system on wabson.

I’m hoping I can spend more time actually putting some semi-decent content up here now I’m using some proper tools to do the job.


I’m feeling slightly queasy this morning. I didn’t realise my milk was quite that rancid until I’d taken a gulp of the coffee which I’d just added it to. It was fine yesterday, I guess one of the pigs I live with must have left the fridge door ajar. Gah.

We went out in Leam last night to celebrate Cath, Gemma, Nicola, James and Tony leaving the country today :-), and spent most of the night sat in a really nice, but expensive new bar just behind House of Fraser. I really liked it, which I guess fits in quite well with Dave’s latest theory that I spend too much on things generally.

I got back at about half eleven and went (more or less) straight to bed, with the intention of reading another chapter of The Prisoner of Azkaban before I went to sleep. I don’t remember actually reading much of it, but I did wake up at 7.45 this morning with the lights still on and the music on my computer blaring away. I’ve really gotta stop falling asleep like that.


Working five days a week and travelling across the country at the weekend (Danny’s party rocked!) can mean you don’t get time to do much else.

I’m hoping that if I blog the list of things I need to do, then I might actually get round to doing them, so here goes:

  1. Do some washing! I’ve now run out of clean decent T-shirts to wear, and this morning had to make a start on the collection of Dave and Giles’s clothing I seem to have amassed in my room.
  2. Get a (proper) job! Kind of self explanatory really…
  3. Sort my finances out. I’ll leave this one til last as it’s so mind numbingly boring.
  4. Go shopping and buy some more jeans, as I’ve started to hate most of the pairs I own (again). Might also help with putting (1) off further.
  5. Tidy up my room. (1) will help a lot, as most of the mess is dirty clothes.
  6. Organise weekend trips to (a) Wales and (b) wherever we’re going for my Birthday. Perhaps Laurie might do the latter one? 🙂


I can’t remember feeling this tired and hungover simultaneously for a while. I’ve just been over to Costcutters and bought a litre of orange juice and a big bar of chocolate (smarties in while chocolate!) in an attempt to make myself feel a little better. I got four hours’ sleep in the end last night, and I could really have done with a bit more!

Last night did remind me that Bows definitely gets better the longer you stay away from it, though. A good night, but I’m really paying for it today!

Graduation Day

…Went far better than I expected in the end, despite all the standing in queues in uncomfortable shoes and sitting in hot halls in about seventeen seperate layers of clothing. The weather turned good, it was good to see a few people who I hadn’t seen for a while, and everyone seemed generally happy.

Here’s a photo of me outside Viva after drinking my cappuccino, which helped a lot.


Sometimes I wish I could just blog the contents of my head as it is at a particular moment in time, no matter how little sense it would make to anyone else.

Right now is one of those moments.

I’m currently listening to One By One by the Foo Fighters, after sitting in the Union for a few hours listening to mostly Foo Fighters and Nirvana on Q, while playing pool and chatting about random stuff (earlier on I downloaded Avril Lavigne’s Under My Skin, so I think my musical taste score this evening just about totals zero).

This afternoon I got my full results from this year. My highest mark was 72% for my group project. I did better in some than I thought, worse in others than I would have liked. I failed one module. I got over 60% for the year, which is an improvement on the previous year’s effort, giving me almost exactly 62% for the whole course. I graduate on Wednesday and I’m so glad it’s all over, but in the best possible way.

I’ve just spent £15 having nearly 60 photos covering the last few weeks of last term (Ofoto rocks! They give you a web form and you upload your photos using a browser!). It took me quite a while going through the hundreds of photos I must have taken during that time to pick out the best ones, mainly because I kept stopping to reminisce.

I’m going to bed now to read another chapter of The Chamber of Secrets (I’m playing catch-up, I know). Then I’m going to get up early tomorrow. It’s going to be a good day, I just know it.