The world at war

And it seemed like such a normal morning when I woke up, actually quite refreshed from getting a decent night’s sleep…


Update: It’s now nearly 9pm and I haven’t noticed a single plane going into Heathrow yet… Given that we live around 10 miles away from the airport, just north of one of the main air approaches, that’s a bit strange.

It’s like 1930


They had carrier bags in 1930, right?

Highlights of this weekend’s activities in Leam have included the following:

  • Picnics in Jephson Gardens
  • Home-made canelloni and classy cocktails in Bar 44
  • Falling out with a Tesco self-scan machine
  • Much hilarious retro picture taking

Certainly worth the hot, uncomfortable and crowded trains to get there and back (silly engineering work!). Now I’m off to cook some dinner.

Speed equals distance over time

Today, the training began in earnest for the Nike 10K in October – not that I enjoy copying people, I just don’t like to be left out. πŸ™‚

Despite not wanting this to be a “look how fit I am!” blog entry, I’ll skip right to the figures, which I’m bound to forget within a couple of days if I don’t record them now. So –

Total Distance = 6.4 km

Total time = 37:17 = 0.621 hours

Average Speed = 6.4 / 0.621 = 10.3 km/h

This brings back nasty memories of GCSE exams. Speed equals distance over time. Indeed.

And here’s the map: