Leamington in the morning

It’s mornings like this that make me glad I live in Leamington.


I missed two buses this morning, the first through excessive use of the snooze function on my phone half an hour previously, the second through my decision to waste some time after I missed the first one by going to Starbucks. Still, I got to do some photo-age while I waited for the third bus. And I still got onto campus at the same time! How does that work?

The bitch is back

Mozillazine is reporting that Netscape are bringing out a new browser based on Firefox *and* IE. All I can say is yuk!

Firefox supposedly put an end to bloated Mozilla-based web browsers that attempt to do everything under the sun and end up doing nothing right, but it looks like Netscape are trying to resurrect the old dog. Go away, Netscape! We don’t want your crappy software any more!

Next time, I’ll remember the camera

The best live music is like a drug. It’s great at the time but leaves you craving for more afterwards. That’s how I’m feeling today, after the CTC gig at the Union last night.

I’ve never seen anything like it there before. The mix of people was great, the sound and lighting superb and it all contributed to the great atmosphere there. We weren’t so keen on Tom Vek, but Chikinki rocked and the Coopers played over an hour of generally damn good stuff while the audience indulged in a mixture of moshing and crowd-surfing down below them. I need to go to see more random bands to give me something to compare this with, but for now it seems like a good start 🙂

Oh, and perhaps the next time I can try a bit harder not to leave my camera in Dave’s car, especially considering the superb opportunity I’d have had to take some good photos from our vantage point above the Marketplace. I’m a bit pissed off at myself for that!