The Guardian do Warwick Blogs

Via e-lab’s Blogbuilder news blog comes an article from the Guardian’s Online section all about Warwick Blogs.

There’s no mention of us pioneers of course, not that I’m bitter. Did I mention we were here first? Nor did they mention Kieran or Rob, both of whom I know put a lot of work in to set up Warwick Blogs in the first place. Perhaps more embarrassingly, they refer to John as the “head of IT services at Warwick”, something which I suspect may not make Rosemary very happy.

Despite the omissions and the almost Warwick Boar-esqe inaccurancy in the text, the article seems quite balanced, if a little short. If anyone has a paper copy lying around that they want to send to me then please do, as apparently the presentation is a lot more impressive in print than online.

Cleaning the Piazza

A sign from the gods that are Unitemps that Summer has well and truly arrived on campus.

Unitemps job advert for cleaning the piazza

I’m so glad I’m no longer working for them – even if the pay isn’t that bad 🙂

Sunday Morning

So it seems the whole leaving-my-keys-at-some-random’s-in-Birmingham debacle has an up side as well as a fairly major down side.

Specifically, getting onto campus half an hour early for work due to me having had to get the bus meant I got to spend twenty minutes chilling on the piazza while reading the Observer. Campus is a beautiful, tranquil place on sunny mornings and being (almost) the only person there to appreciate it made it seem all the better.

The piazza on a sunny Sunday morning in April

Random camera phone photos later. Honest.