Five Day Record

I haven’t touched a web browser for five whole days. This is quite a feat, and one I’m sure I can’t have acheived for a good few years. How scary.

As a result, it’s been so long since I read Planet Afterlife that the new entries go off the screen. I wonder if I can set up archiving on it… Would that be good or quite a scary thing to have, I wonder?

I went for another run this evening after work. Despite being slightly dark by 6pm, I managed half an hour or so down to Newbold Comyn and back up the edge of the golf course towards Lillington. There’s a climb of about 40m from the Leisure Centre up to the radio transmitters at the top of the route and then back down a bit, so it’s a good up-and-down run. Probably not quite as pretty as running to Offchurch (especially not in the dark), but I can save that for another day :-).

Soon it’ll even be light enough in the evenings to be able to see where I’m running to. Roll on Spring!


It seems exercise is what all the cool kids are doing this morning (it’s still morning, right? ;-).

My personal contribution to getting Britain fitter today has been a 50 minute run over towards Offchurch. I haven’t really done much cross-country running since I stopped living on campus, and it’s something I actually quite miss. I find running through Leamington too stressful – you have to concentrate to much on avoiding people, cars and random items of street furniture that you don’t get to enjoy your surroundings or concentrate on the running. And you don’t get to be on your own.

I love people. I love the buzz of cosmopolitan spaces in lively towns and cities. But I’m a country boy at heart, and sometimes you just want to get away from it all.

I need to start spending less time at work

Or more to the point, I need to start spending more time at home (in Leam, as opposed to Wales). For reasons I won’t go into here, I left work a little early today so I could make it to the stupid shops that all close at 5.30 (why is that still, in the 21st century?). And for once I had time to get a few things done in town, go for a 20 minute run, cook a nice bolognese for myself (and drink the remainder of the red wine that I didn’t pour into it) and chat to a couple of people on the phone. I’ll probably still not get to bed until after midnight, but at least this time it won’t be because I’ve sat in the office until six ‘o’ clock.

So this has been one of the most boring blog entries ever (aside, perhaps from Laurie’s famous blogs about his lunch ;-). But it’s been that kind of evening and anyway, I’m going out to DV8 tomorrow. Woot!

I should go to bed

I really should. I’ve made it back from Top B, removed my contact lenses, washed my face and brushed my teeth. In fact I’d be ready to go to bed, if it wasn’t for the fact that I stripped it earlier in a fit of cleanliness and haven’t yet made it again.

So I’m sat here at my computer with no T-shirt on, writing this blog entry, chatting on MSN and trying to work out why Planet Afterlife isn’t updating. I’m deliberately not looking at the mess beind me that I need to fashion into something in which I can sleep tonight.

If I don’t go to bed real soon then I’ll be tired at work tomorrow unless I drink lots of coffee.

Mmmm, coffee.

I’m procrastinating about making my bed. How bad is that?